• Game Development and Research (Master of Arts)

    TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences | Faculty of Cultural Sciences – Cologne Game Lab
    The Advanced Master’s Program in Game Development and Research is a project-oriented program that lasts four semesters and is designed to be combined with part-time work (whether it is a job in the industry or the development of a personal project, etc.). Students receive guidance in the development of numerous game design projects as well as the theoretical foundations necessary for a critical approach to the design and research of video games.

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    Part-time | Four semesters | English | EU citizens: tuition fee of 850 Euro (per semester) + 200 Euro (one-time enrollment fee). Non-EU citizens: tuition fee of 1750 Euro (per semester) + 200 Euro (one-time enrollment fee) | Semester fees

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    Department of International Affairs

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