Di. 11.06.2019
bis Do. 13.06.2019


The IRIS workshop (Indo-German Workshop on Information Retrieval, Informetrics & Scientometrics) will happen at GESIS – Leibniz-Institut für Sozialwissenschaften in Köln.

In the modern connected world full of digital information and scholarly content, identifying the most relevant resources has become a challenge. A researcher, irrespective of his/her discipline of knowledge, now has to depend on online portals, digital libraries and electronic repositories for finding scientific articles in an area and also reporting research results. Academic search is still provided largely by various search engines, where they treat the task of scholarly article search as a web search problem. In this process, the bibliometric information and associated metadata of scholarly articles is often ignored completely. It is now the high time that scholarly article search is viewed as an independent problem and solutions should focus on all aspects of the problem.

The workshop thus aims to bring together researchers working on this task from different perspectives (such as Computer Science, Informatics, Bibliometrics, Scientometrics and Science & Technology Studies). The main idea of this workshop is to bring together researchers from Scientometrics, Information Retrieval and Text Analytics to look at the intersecting themes and issues. There are clear applications of Scientometrics to Information Retrieval and vice versa. Applying Scientometrics to Information Retrieval process helps in improving the Information Retrieval results, particularly in Scholarly articles domain, a theme now pursued under the title of Bibliometric Enhanced Information retrieval. Similarly, ideas from Text Analytics and Language Processing can help in developing newer models of Scientometric evaluations and characterizations.

The workshop will have invited presentations, posters and intensive panel discussions on the area and will aim to set a direction of future research in the area, including strengthening the bilateral cooperation between India and Germany in the area.



bis 13.06.2019
09:30 Uhr


GESIS, Unter Sachsenhausen 6-8, 50667 Köln


no participation fee


mail to philipp.mayr@gesis.org





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