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    First semester tips

    Inform yourself early, and study smart

    What should one pay attention to when beginning a course of study? Helpful pointers and general orientation.

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    Millions of titles at the click of a mouse

    There are numerous public and academic libraries in Cologne containing literature and media on an enormous range of subjects.

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    @ Kölner Studierendenwerk

    Cologne’s Student Union

    Accomodations, eating, and more …

    Student services: The Cologne Students' Union employs more than 500 staff to attend to any and all issues that might concern the 70.000 university students besides their studies and leisure activities.

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    Jobbing and Studying

    No mon, no fun

    About 80% of the students in Cologne have jobs beside their studies. Here are some useful tips and adresses helping you to find a job.

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    From students for students

    ASten and Fachschaften

    Info on the duties and work of student representative organizations.

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    Consulting Services

    Contacts to Student Advisory Services

    What is the structure of your desired program of studies? The following academic counselors are happy to help you with any questions!